Put your business in motion. Become a mobile enterprise with AGILEUM
Agileum can help you grow your business according to the new digital and mobile trends. We leverage mobility through our various assets and products available or through tailor-made solution to meet your complex business needs. We enable your employees to work anytime and anywhere. We enable you to connect with customers in context to create deeper engagement. “Mobilize” your back-end data and apps to get the best possible business outcome from every transaction on web-enabled devices of every kind.

Strategy definition and Business case

Global Device Audience

The mobility market was almost inexistent in early 2010. But now, millions of employees use these mobile devices in the enterprise every day and the mobile devices market is just the tip of the mobility iceberg. Just below the surface lies an ocean of innovative services and solutions that include mobile apps, mobile analytics, EMM tools, security technology, cloud computing, interconnected technologies & interfaces, mobile collaboration, and wireless technologies.

Our mobility strategy is focussed on improving your enterprise value chain through our various innovative and agile solutions and services:

Compute anywhere

Mobile applications are triggering a fundamental shift in the way people experience computing and use mobile phones. Ten years ago, people "went to the computer" to perform tasks and access the Internet, and they used a phone to call/sms. Today, smartphones let us carry computing with us.

Location-Aware Services

GPS allows for apps to intelligently react to the position, be it for reporting events or getting updates.

Scanning Technology

Users scan a QR code with their phone and it automatically gives them the corresponding information.

Social Networks

Collaboration is key, and seamless workflows using mobile devices allows users to efficiently and effortlessly share info.

Social Networks

Giving employees, customers/partners and other stakeholders seamless mobile access to applications and data can:

  • Empower employees to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Win, retain, and entice customers with engaging apps
  • Improve Employee & Customer Satisfaction
    Modern user interface will encourage people to use the app to report issues when they see them. More immediate and accurate reporting of issues will enable your teams to find out about, prioritize and resolve critical issues quickly.
  • Reduce Cost to Serve
    Smartphones and tablets accelerate the move away from more expensive face-to-face and voice channels while automatic updates are “pushed” to Mobile to reduce avoidable contacts. 
    Paperwork takes more time to process than electronic submissions, requiring exchange of hands, time taken from the initial request to finalizing can be twice as long. Mobile apps encompass the entire process as an electronic flow and can provide quick turnaround.

Giving your users a fantastic mobile experience is more important than ever.

We have a proven track record in designing and developing mobile applications that either integrate seamlessly with your core enterprise business systems or stand alone as a mobile-only application. One of our priority will be to enhance your value chain through mobility. In Mauritius we serve more than 10,000 mobility users daily.

Whatever stage your project is at, contact our mobility innovation team and we can help you make it a success.

Industry verticals

Agilleum has developed various reporting tools and solutions including:

  • A queue management solution for retailers
  • A mobile sales solution
  • A project management solution
  • A fully customizable real time platform with online / offline mode for surveys and data collection that can be adapted to digitize any existing paper questionnaire to serve your vertical requirements.


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Content distribution

Agilleum has developed various content distribution solutions including:

  • a mobile application to manage web content
  • a deal finder application


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Fast Reporting

Agileum has developed various reporting tools and solutions including: 

  • a site progress reporting solution – from paper to digital reporting
  • an incident reporting application
  • a process efficiency tracker


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eBoard has been designed with the needs of Directors, Accountants, Company Secretaries for Group Companies and the Offshore Management sector. Directors have greater visibility on the management of their board and committee meetings. Company secretaries can manage board and committee meetings as well as board packs in an effective, optimal and paperless manner.

Visit Website at: http://www.eboardsolution.com/

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