The net is vast and can be daunting. How can you secure your operations and anticipate, detect and respond to threats?

The downside of the digital revolution are cyber attacks, security issues, ransomware and security breaches. Cyber culture with its sophisticated hackers is growing... more rapidly than cyber security. Assets, once physically protected, are now accessible online. Despite heightened attention and security investment, the number of cyber accidents is on the rise, and they are costly.

AGILEUM addresses its clients’ imperative to be secure, vigilant and resilient, by proactively protecting the whole enterprise, inside and out. Our team provides expertise in the evaluation of a current information security management system (ISMS) and can assist with remediation or implementation of controls to decrease risk and increase the overall security posture of a company.

Our solutions

IBM Security QRadar SIEM

Integrated log, threat, risk and compliance management

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Family

Real time data activity monitoring, masking, encryption and vulnerability assessment

Fiberlink MaaS360

Enterprise mobility platform delivering security, management for applications, documents, email and devices

IBM Security Network Protection

Full protocol, content and application-aware protection

IBM BigFix

Real time visibility, fix vulnerabilities and secure endpoints

IBM Security AppScan

Enterprise dynamic(unattended, parallel) app scanning and reporting

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