An industry-based solution that enables you to transform processes and user experience: gouvernance, dashboard and ingenious solutions.

Enterprises are increasingly defining a mobile strategy that enables them to transform their existing operating models, business functions and processes, and move into the digital, mobile-era. AGILEUM safely integrates mobility into your enterprise, empowering your employees while improving overall efficiency and productivity. We design mobile solutions tailored to fit your enterprise ecosystem. Our value-added innovative creations are design for multiple platforms, industries and processes.



- AGILEUM develops mobile applications to improve user experience -



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Our credentials

More than 180 clients in multiple fields : industry, distribution, agrobusiness, insurance groups, leisure parcs, financial services...

More than 15 000 safely connected daily users.

They trust us : Ciel, IBL, Dolberg, MITCO, OMNICANE, ENL, Canal +, NES, Mauritius Telecom, INGETEC, New Mauritius Hotel, Blue Life-Azuri, Macbeth Architect, Arup, Sigma, General Construction, Alteo Properties Ltd, Caudan Property, Villa Valriche Resorts, DLB Construction...


 An international hotel chain

Mission : Ensure in real-time, the construction site follow-up, the audit and quality standards control, with the projects team.

A beverage manufacturer

Mission : Control and samples optimization

Government organization

Mission : Technical inspection of vehicles

A security service provider

Mission : Monitor security guards' on-site attendance

A group leader in the field of food processing

Mission : Attendance in the field organization

Service providers in multimedia

Mission : Optimize and control the stock management of equipment in distribution agencies

 A specialized group in secretarial services

Mission : Optimization of meetings and Board Committees

An insurance group

Mission : Optimizing seizure sinister