Huge volumes of data are being generated at a high velocity. Are you capturing, collecting, acquiring, storing, enriching and using it to your benefit? AGILEUM acts as a magnifying glass, helping you examine your data.

Over the last few years, the volume of data has exploded with companies beginning to understand that capturing and analysing huge volumes of data amounts to being the most competitive. We are witnessing first-hand the game-changing effects of data. Companies that use data and business analytics to guide decision making are more productive. Data is becoming a core element of strategy.

AGILEUM deploys advanced data and analytics solutions

to help clients create profound new opportunities for business.


Our skilled consultants transform existing business operations, making them smarter, faster and more cost-effective

  1. Focusing on the core business activities
  2. Identifying bottom-line performance improvements
  3. Increasing efficiency and best-practices
  4. Improving operational excellence
  5. Gaining better access to and utilization of technology


We have multi-platform expertise acquired by managing and engineering our clients’ successful outsourcing projects which have involved SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Microsoft and JD Edwards technologies.

Our solutions

Data Enrichment: Parts Codification

Data Analytics

Data Entry

Application Testing

Creation & Configuration Digitalised Questionnaire

Data Recovery

Business Intelligence




Discover useful insights that will allow you to better understand your business, your customers and even your competitors.




We provide you with the ability to formulate tailored solutions that anticipate the future needs of your business and your customers



Our credentials

With our ability to support projects in multiple industries and accross countries, with specific statutory requirements and languages, we have offshore supported consortiums that generate several million transactions each day.

+1 million

codify parts

+20 000


+50 000 million

Volumes of data recovered


Terabyte databases


Years of experience

An international presence

France, Italia, Mauritius