A tool that enables you to be flexible, access your workplace from anywhere, and stimulates collaboration among your team members.

We are witnessing a generational change, with an increasing number of companies migrating to the Cloud. The Cloud pools on-demand resources accessible from a wide variety of devices from any location, serving multiple customers and creating economies of scale.

The Cloud provides security, elasticity, flexibility and speed.

Cloud services are on-demand and measured: businesses only pay for the cloud services and resources they use. Cloud computing is convenient and drastically cuts costs.


AGILEUM offers a range of cloud services and technologies

to respond to organisations’ changing needs.



Our CLOUD Solutions



  1. Application Design, Development and Implementation
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  4. Business Intelligence (BI)
  5. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  6. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  7. Technical Training
  8. Platform as a services
  9. Database as a service

With Oracle, Microsoft , IBM and SAP as partners, we are able to design and deliver cost-effective and quality IT solutions for today’s business needs.


We are experts in these technologies


Our Credentials

With close to 25 years of experience, AGILEUM is capable of delivering Cloud solutions in various industries, as well as our delivering locally and regionally within a short time frame.


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