AGILEUM Hospitality celebrates its 1 year of existence!

hospitality digitale solution mauritius

Already one year has elapsed since AGILEUM announced the creation of its new entity  that provides high end quality driven solutions for the hospitality industry.


Indeed, on the 7th of October 2016, Micros Fidelio Mauritius (now known as AGILEUM Hospitality) was acquired by AGILEUM as part of its strategy to support the flourishing hospitality sector in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean Islands, based on Oracle Hospitality solutions portfolio. 


Up to now, Oracle Hospitality’s technologies are being used by 330,000 customers (resorts, individual hotels, hotel groups and restaurants) in 180 countries. 


To mark the new milestone, a get together was organised on the premises of AGILEUM for the celebration of the 1st anniversary of AGILEUM Hospitality.

The efficient integration of the two teams was facilitated by team-building activities, bringing everyone together for making new acquaintances outside working hours. While team spirit was gradually being reinforced, a new dynamic corporate culture was created, with shared vision and values, building commitment from everybody to work towards the same goal: our clients’ projects successes.  

Since 1 year, AGILEUM is actively working to provide the best possible support services and help its clients in developing their digital transformation strategy.  

Following are some achievements made over the year:


  • new helpdesk platform has been set by our teams


  • We have strengthened the skills and expertise of our teams by recruiting  new qualified resources (Oracle DBA. Global Operations Service Manager…)


  • An AGILEUM Hospitality Academy has been created to transfer best practices to our clients


  • New relationships and collaboration were established with other ORACLE HOSPITALITY distributors in the region, promoting the exchange of service skills and knowledge


  • A new set of complementary solutions is available for the hospitality industry (securitymobile applicationsleave management system, etc…).


The combination of our technical know-how, best practices and project methodology makes AGILEUM a privileged supporting partner for companies’ digital transformation strategy.


Long live AGILEUM Hospitality!