AGILEUM explores the great outdoors at Plaine Champagne!

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A month ago, AGILEUM went hiking at Plaine Champagne, an incredible forest reserve and a famous Mauritian site for guava lovers! This wonderful trip was organised by AGILEUM's welfare team to discover our beautiful island while having fun together! 


Plaine Champagne is situated in the Black River Gorges National Park, a dense green forest, where people can choose between different pathways and trails to get lost in nature. We chose to adventure on the Macchabee trail to enjoy the tropical forest while having fun together climbing and going down the irregular paths of the trail.





The adventure began at Le Pétrin, where some stretching exercises were performed to properly kick start the day!


Following was a 30 minutes trail into the wild forest of Macchabée..



...with teams cautiously going down the steep slippery slopes!



Reaching the top, we had a breathtaking view of the stunning Black River Gorges, surrounded by the Corps de Garde and mountain ranges in the distance.



This memorable trip into the wild enabled us to strengthen our team spirit and to build deeper connections with each other!


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