IBM security


" Data security breaches are becoming more common and expensive [...] Global studies show that the average total cost of a data breach is now $3.8 million."

The IBM Security Worldwide Sales Leader, Junaid Siddique


International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) is a leading technology and innovation company, a global actor and pioneer of technologies such as cognitive computing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and more, helping clients become smarter as the planet becomes more digitally interconnected.


Teaming up with IBM equips us with the tools to better satisfy client requirements for innovative, end-to-end solutions



 This is why AGILEUM advises its clients to protect their whole enterprise by being vigilant and attentive to threats.

In accordance to the rising number of problems concerning the information security of organizations, AGILEUM has made it a must to provide the best cybersecurity services to their clients by offering them expert technical professionals who have validated their knowledge and skills through the IBM Security technical certificationsDigital revolution has brought along many disadvantages, be it, security issues or breaches, hacking, cyberattacks and so on…



1. IBM security QRadar SIEM V7.2.6. Associate Analyst

Through this certification, AGILEUM security analysts have deep understand of networking. SIEM, and QRadar concepts, including how to login to; navigate within; explain capabilities of; and access, interpret, and report data in a QRadar deployment. 

2. IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.7, Deployment Professional

With this certification, AGILEUM technical professionals are able to plan, install, configure, optimize performance, tune, troubleshoot and administer an IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.7 deployment within little to no assistance from documentation, peers or support.

Our IBM-certified employees will guide you in making the right choices. 

Since: 2013