AGILEUM guides and supports your company in the mastering of new technologies for the optimisation of your performances


Our mission is clear:

"We help companies prepare for a digital future."

Sylvain Deslandes, CEO 

Company Overview

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are AGILEUM, a leading IT consulting, system integration and outsourcing firm that serves businesses and organisations that want to harness the power of technology to achieve their vision.

In today’s digitalised world, emerging technologies are reshaping businesses, markets andentire economies. An increasing number of Mauritian companies are integrating new technologies to their business processes in order to reduce costs, drive revenue growth and achieve competitive advantage.

AGILEUM has emerged as the market leader in IT consulting. For more than 20 years we have been attentive to our clients’ needs,for whom we have designed custom solutions that are ingenious and affordable, and which we implement and manage.

Our team of software engineers, analysts, consultants, advisers, data experts and IT technicians help you respond intuitively to changing market dynamics. Our deep industry expertise in Cloud, Data,Security and Mobility sets the new standard for IT consulting. We devise cutting-edge solutions, but also partner with world-renowned organisations whose products and services complement our own offering.


To become the leader in delivered flexible services by improving our client's business through innovative solution.


To become a trusted lifetime partner of our customers by bringing a new perspective to our activities through innovative human-centric, sustainable technologies and services.

Management Philosophy

As one team, united in diversity, we aim to improve people’s future through ingenious thinking by continuously pushing past new frontiers.

Core values

The five core values that have been ingrained in us throughout our journey are :